By delivering our strategy in both the long and shorter term we aim to deliver the following key outcomes for our stakeholders:

The best service to customers

Provide great water

  • Drinking water is safe and clean
  • Customers have a reliable supply of water now and in the future

Dispose of wastewater

  • Wastewater is removed and treated without customers ever noticing
  • The risk of sewer flooding for homes and businesses is reduced

Deliver a service customers can rely on

  • Customers are highly satisfied with our service
  • Customers find it easy to do business with us

Lowest sustainable cost

Give value for money

  • Customer bills are fair
  • We support those customers who are struggling to pay
  • The North West's economy is supported by our activities and investment

Improve efficiency

  • Our services are provided in an increasingly efficient way
  • Efficiencies are delivered in a sustainable way taking a long-term view

Responsible manner

Protect and enhance the environment

  • The natural environment is protected and improved in the way we deliver our services
  • The North West's bathing and shellfish waters are cleaner through our work
  • Our services and assets are fit for a changing climate

Support local communities

  • We invest in community partnerships for mutual benefit
  • Our employees make a positive contribution to local communities

Support employees in a safe workplace

  • Provide safe, secure working conditions
  • Provide competitive rewards to attract and retain employees
  • We invest in the learning and development of our employees

Provide an appropriate risk and return for investors

Outcome: Give value for money – customer bills are fair

Our households currently pay just over £1 per day on average for the combined water and wastewater services we provide. Our price determination for 2015–20 means customers will benefit from below inflation increases to average household bills for the decade to 2020.

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