Five-year summary - unaudited

The financial summary (unaudited) set out below has been derived from the audited consolidated financial statements of United Utilities Group PLC for the five years ended 31 March 2016. It should be read in conjunction with the consolidated financial statements and related notes, together with the strategic report.

Year ended 31 March
Continuing operations
Operating profit per published results567.9653.3630.2601.6591.5
Underlying operating profit604.1664.3634.6604.2594.1
Profit before tax per published results353.5341.6543.3311.8280.4
Underlying profit before tax408.1447.4388.1351.4327.0
Profit after taxation per published results397.5271.2738.6287.8311.4
Underlying profit after tax325.3354.1304.9264.2240.9
Earnings per share (basic) per published results (pence)58.3p39.8p108.3p42.2p45.7p
Underlying earnings per share (pence)47.7p51.9p44.7p38.7p35.3p
Dividend per ordinary share (pence)38.45p37.70p36.04p34.32p32.01p
Non-current assets11,280.810,664.89,929.69,777.89,310.9
Current assets626.0638.8542.9630.2719.9
Total assets11,906.811,303.610,472.510,408.010,030.8
Non-current liabilities(8,357.1)(7,867.7)(7,660.3)(7,845.8)(7,607.0)
Current liabilities(844.2)(1,001.5)(596.3)(690.3)(659.2)
Total liabilities(9,201.3)(8,869.2)(8,256.6)(8,536.1)(8,266.2)
Total net assets and shareholders' equity2,705.52,434.42,215.91,871.91,764.6
Net cash generated from operating activities685.6706.5797.2631.1559.8
Net cash used in investing activities(676.8)(704.9)(678.6)(643.8)(498.4)
Net cash (used in)/generated from financing activities(46.4)139.2(211.5)(115.5)5.8
Net (decrease)/increase in cash and cash equivalents(37.6)140.8(92.9)(128.2)67.7
Net debt6,260.55,924.05,519.95,450.65,076.4
RCV gearing(1) (%)61%59%58%60%59%


  1. Regulatory capital value (RCV) gearing is calculated as group net debt (see note A2), divided by the RCV expressed in out-turn prices, of United Utilities Water Limited.